Ljubljana castle
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Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and at the same time its largest city. Although it is home to more than 300.000 Slovenians it is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe. Ljubljana was first mentioned in the first half of the 12th century. The origin of its name, […]

Mountains near Logar Valley
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Logar Valley

The Logar Valley can be found right next to the Austrian border in the municipality of Solčava, Slovenia. In Slovene, the valley is called Logarska Dolina. The name itself isn’t very old and is derived from the Logar Farm that can be found there. In 1987 the valley was named […]

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Hochblaser is a 1.771 metres high mountain in Styria, Austria. As it is located right next to Leopoldsteiner Lake one has a great view of the lake on the way up to the peak. The lake is named after the nearby Leopoldstein Castle. From the summit of Hochblaser one can […]

Snow, mountain, cabin
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Admonter Haus

The Admonter Haus is a mountain hut located at the Grabnertörl in Styria, Austria at an elevation of 1725 metres above sea level. From May to October, the hut is managed and hikers can sleep there and have some nice food. The Admonter Haus was built between 1894 and 1895 and […]

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Trisselwand, also known as Trisselberg or Trisselkogel, is a 1754 metres high mountain in the Totes Gebirge mountain range in Styria, Austria. Together with the Loser mountain, it is known as the local mountain of the municipality Bad Aussee. In its distinctive 600 metres high rock face a rockhouse called […]

Goessl Meadow
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Gössl is a small village in the municipality of Grundlsee in Styria, Austria. Located between the lakes Grundlsee and Toplitzsee it is home to more or less 360 people. Some people maybe think of Gössl as a producer of the traditional Austrian costume. However, there is no connection between the […]

Fog Hallstatt Lake
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Hallstatt is a small market town in the Salzkammergut region in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. Nestled between the Dachstein mountains on the one, and lake Hallstatt on the other side, it is allegedly Austria’s most photographed village. Its history dates back to 5000 BC as finds from that time […]

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Gmunden is a town located on the north shore of the lake Traunsee in Upper Austria, Austria. It has over 13.000 inhabitants and is mainly known for the green-white painted pottery called “Gmundner Keramik” and a castle named “Schloss Ort”. The latter was founded around 1080 by Hartnidus of Ort. […]

Budapest Hungary
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Budapest is the capital of Hungary and almost two million people call it their hometown – that’s every fifth person in Hungary. Therefore it is not only the most populous city in Hungary but also one of the most densely populated cities in Europe. Before Budapest became the capital of Hungary […]