Hochblaser is a 1.771 metres high mountain in Styria, Austria. As it is located right next to Leopoldsteiner Lake one has a great view of the lake on the way up to the peak. The lake is named after the nearby Leopoldstein Castle. From the summit of Hochblaser one can also see the Erzberg mine. The Erzberg mine is a large open-pit mine well-known for the annual Erzberg Rodeo hard enduro race. Furthermore the Erzberg mine has the largest iron ore reserves in Austria, having estimated reserves of 235 million tonnes of ore. One way to reach the summit of Hochblaser is to take the route up from the west bank of Leopoldsteiner Lake and going down via the Hasenwilzingalm. This route includes an elevation gain of 1.200 metres. The total length of the hike is 12,5 kilometres and it takes about 6 hours to complete the loop.

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