Verona Italy
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Verona is a city in Veneto, Italy, that is mainly known for being the place where William Shakespeare set his play “Romeo and Juliet”. Located on the Adige river, it is called home by roughly 257.000 people. Even if it is unknown if William Shakespeare visited Verona at all, two […]

Earth pyramids South Tyrol
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Earth pyramids of Oberbozen

In South Tyrol several locations with earth pyramids can be found. The pyramids of Ritten are made up of three different locations: Oberbozen, Klobenstein and Unterinn. Earth pyramids are a natural phenomenon that appears only on a specific substrate in a steep slope. Draining rainwater cuts deep drains in the […]

Salten-Schlern Valley
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Salten-Schlern is a district in South Tyrol, Italy. The municipalities of the lower Eisacktal between Bozen and Waidbruck as well as the communities on the Schlern and in Gröden, parts of the Regglberg and Tschögglberg belong to Salten-Schlern – all over 13 municipalities. Located south of Bozen its administrative seat […]

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Villnöß is a small municipality in South Tyrol, Italy. Located northeast of Bozen, it is home to at about 2550 inhabitants. The villages Koll, St. Jakob, St. Magdalena, St. Peter, St. Valentin and Teis belong to commune of Villnöß. As South Tyrol belonged to Austria until 1919 it is still […]