Moon over Victoria
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What most of the people don’t know: Victoria is the capital of British Columbia (BC). Most of BC is mainland. However, Victoria is located on Vancouver Island. An insular which measures at about 31.000 square kilometres. Victoria was¬†founded in 1843 and at about 80.000 people live there.¬†Missing Victoria means missing […]

Mount Frank Rae
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Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Territorial Park is divided by Canada’s most famous Highway – Dempster Highway. However, Dempster Highway is anywhere but in the middle of the park. Tombstone Mountain with a height of 2.196 metres is the name giver of Tombstone Territorial Park and its most iconic summit.

Road into nowhere
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Kluane National Park

One can find Kluane National Park in the southwestern corner of Yukon, Canada. It is home to the highest Mountain of Canada – Mount Logan, which is 5.959 metres high. The setting of mountains, glaciers and forests create a magic piece of the countryside within Kluane National Park.