Cochem is a small town in Rhineland-Palatinate, which is home to 5.000 people. Nonetheless, it is the biggest town and also the district seat of the Cochem-Zell district. First mentioned in 886 it was granted town rights in 1332. In the Thirty Year’s war (1618-1648) the town was besieged, but not conquered. This changed in 1689 when the troops of King Luis XIV first burned town the Winneburg – a castle near Cochem, whose ruins still can be seen today – and later conquered the town of Cochem and its castle. The castle of Cochem – known as Imperial Castle – was bought by Louis Fréderic Jacques Ravené in 1866 and reconstructed afterwards. The Imperial Castle is still intact and the most famous landmark of the town. Next to the castle, the old town of Cochem is also well-preserved and also worth a visit. 

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