Fjallabak Nature Reserve can be found in the southern part of Iceland, north of the glacier Torfajökull and south of river Tungnaá. It was established in 1979 and measures over 47.000 hectares. Home to famous Landmannlaugar, Fjallabak literally means “behind the mountains” and it is really located behind many wild and rugged mountains with deeply incised valleys.

The highest point of Fjallabak Nature Reserve is Háskerðingur with a height of 1281 metres. The bedrock of the area dates back 8 to 10 million years. The last major volcanic activity in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve dates took place around the year 1477 and formed the Laugahraun lava field next to Landmannalaugar.

F208 is one of the roads leading through Fjallabak Nature Reserve and is one of the most beautiful roads in Iceland. If not the most beautiful road.

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