“You know, if you’re always waiting for your holidays, you’re doing it the wrong way. In Australia, it’s common that we start the day with our hobbies. We go to the beach for swimming, surfing or even running. Then we start to work, but at 5 pm we are out for the beach again, even our bosses and so no one is frowning at you. So we enjoy our life, doing some work (if you are lucky you even do so while working) and enjoy it again. Furthermore, every weekend is like a little holiday here. So maybe you already see it, if you have your holidays every day you haven’t to wait for them. In Europe, on the other hand, the cities are like ghost towns at sunrise. It’s normal to go to work first thing in the morning and stay there till late in the evening. And going to the beach isn’t an excuse for leaving earlier. When you finally go home, exhausted most of the time, you just happy to relax and start the next day your everyday routine again. And then, of course, the need for your next holidays is starting to get bigger by the day you finished your last ones.”

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