In North-West Iceland, more precisely on Vatnsnes Peninsula near its eastern coastline, Hvítserkur can be found. Basically, Hvítserkur is only a 15 metres high basalt stack, but its shape explains its fame as it is looking like a dragon drinking from the sea.

To protect it from the neverending onslaught of the tireless sea, the base of Hvítserkur has been reinforced with concrete.

From the Icelandic, Hvítserkur may be translated as „long white shirt“ as it seems that the dragon is wearing a long white shirt. Actually, it is covered with excrements from all the fulmar nesting on it.

However, it wouldn’t be Iceland if there isn’t a legend about this characteristic monolith. This legend goes that Hvítserkur is a petrified troll, which lived in Strandir and wanted to tear down the bells at Þingeyraklaustur convent, since Christian churches and bells bothered it. Fortunately for the church, the troll got caught by daylight and turned into stone.

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