The Krimml waterfalls can be found near the village of Krimml in Salzburg, Austria. With a height of 380 metres, the waterfalls are the highest ones in Austria and even Europe. The Krimml waterfalls are a tired waterfall and plunge downward in three stages. The upper stage has a drop of 140 metres, the middle of 100 metres and the lower stage has again a drop of 140 metres. Its highest point is situated 1.470 metres above sea level. The waterfalls are fed by the Krimmler Ache, a glacial stream, whose flow varies greatly with the season. To enjoy the waterfall in the best possible way there was even a path built to access its highest point. Every year over 400.000 people visit the Krimml waterfalls. Many of them even with a certain purpose in mind: To improve their health. Studies show that visiting the waterfalls can alleviate or even heal numerous ailments such as bronchial asthma and allergies.

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