Landmannaleið is a road on Iceland. It is also known as F225 and leads into Fjallabak Nature Reserve. It is one of two possible roads (the other is F208) to reach road F224 to Landmannalaugar. Whereas F208 is the safer option to reach the road to Landmannalaugar, F225 is the more adventurous one. Because on this road several rivers have to be forded. F225 is a gravel road that runs through a moonscape of black lava stone.

Hekla, Iceland’s most active volcano, can be seen from the road. Hekla volcano has a height of 1491 metres and is over 6600 years old. The bedrock of this area dates even 8-10 million years back.

The nearest major village to Landmannaleið is Hella. It got its name from caves near the river and is home to over 780 inhabitants.

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