Lake Schrecksee is a small mountain lake in the state of Bavaria, Germany. Located at an elevation of at an elevation of 1813 metres above sea level within the Allgäu Alps National Park. The Allgäu Alps are part of the Northern Limestone Alps and their highest peak is the Großer Krottenkopf with an elevation of 2656 metres above sea level. Lake Schrecksee is mainly famous because of the gorgeous setting surrounded by mountains and its little island. The mountains around Lake Schrecksee are Knappenkopf, Kichendach and Kälbelespitze in the east, as well as Kastenkopf and Lahnerkopf in the west and last but not least the Älpelekopf in the south. The border to Austria is located along the Kirchendach ridge only 300 metres away from the lake. The little island, however, is the result of backing the lake 8 metres up to be able to use it better for energy production. Before that, the island was a peninsula.

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