St. Michael’s Church is one of five Lutheran main churches in Hamburg, Germany. Due to its architecture it is considered to be one of the finest Hanseatic Protestant baroque churches. Fondly called Michel by the locals it’s a landmark of Hamburg and grants a great view over the city from the viewing platform on its 132 metres high steeple. The actual building is already the third one at this place. The first one was erected between between 1647 and 1669. Stroked by lightning on March 10th, 1750 it set fire and burnt down to the ground.The second church was built from 1751 to 1762 and set fire during maintenance work on July 3rd, 1906. The third rebuilding was much discussed beforehand. The popular architects Cornelius Gurlitt, Fritz Schuhmacher and Peter Behrens voted against a reconstruction. Nonetheless it was restored as the old appearance was, and therefore still is, a famous landmark of Hamburg. St. Michael’s Church ist dedicated to Archangel Michael. Therefore a large bronze statue, above the portal of the church, shows him conquering the devil. The viewing platform can be reached over 452 steps or using the lift after the first 52 steps. Opening hours are different between summer and winter.

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