Umvubo is a traditional Xhosa meal.The main ingredients are maize meal, water and sour milk. It has two important qualities: It is a filling meal and it cools the body on hot days. As there often were and are no refrigerators in South African homes they ferment the fresh milk to preserve it. Nowadays you can buy fermented milk (sour milk) as Amasi in every African supermarket.

What you need for 4 servings of Umvubo:

  • 250 grams maize meal
  • 100 ml water
  • 1/2 tablespoon salt
  • 400 ml sour milk


First boil the water and pour the salt into it while doing so. As soon as the water boils turn back the heat and add the maize meal to it. Stir the mass with a fork into small soft fluffy clumps. Keep stirring (to safe it from burning) for 35 to 50 minutes. Most of the time the dish is served cold. So let it cool down before pouring the sour milk over it. If you want to eat a warm meal you can immediately pour the sour milk over the maize mass. Enjoy your Umvubo!

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