Appenzell is a village in the Swiss canton Appenzell Innerhoden and is mainly known for its amazing mountain landscape. Home to around 7000 people, the heart of the city is car-free and therefore a great place to stroll around. Famous sights in the area around Appenzell are for example the highest mountain in the region called Säntis, with an elevation of 2.502 metres above sea level, and the 170-year-old guesthouse Berggasthaus Äscher-Wildkirchli. This guesthouse is widely known because it is built into the side of a mountain and looks therefore quite spectacular. It is open from May to September and doesn’t longer accept guests overnight and therefore is only a restaurant today. In its early days it was a home for farmers, however. Other beautiful places are for example mount Schäfler, lake Seealpsee and the mountain village Meglisalp. The latter already exists since medieval times and includes a chapel and a guesthouse and can only be reached on foot.

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